February 22, 2018

Vision, Mission, and GLO’s



We envision Kapa’a High School as a safe and quality educational institution where mutual respect is evident.


Our purpose is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment where students are prepared for college, career, and citizenship. The environment will be one where the needs of self are balanced with the needs of others.

General Learner Outcomes

  • Self­Directed Learner: Ability to be responsible for one’s own learning.
  • Community Contributor: Ability to work together.
  • Complex Thinker: Ability to demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving strategies.
  • Quality Producer: Ability to recognize and produce quality performance and quality products.
  • Effective Communicator: Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Effective and Ethical User of Technology: Ability to use a variety of technologies effectively and ethically.






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