February 22, 2018



_____ Check with your Counselor to see if you are on track to graduate and meet your post high school plans/goals. Check on your credits (regular diploma or Honors Diplomas) and your GPA (for college applications and scholarships). Be aware of the requirements for the 3 types of Honors Diplomas especially the Algebra 2 score requirement.

_____ Pay attention to the daily announcements. This is how the Counselors publicize information to you.

_____ Prepare your resume. Work on your cover letter. Your English teacher is a great resource. In addition, the Counseling Office has books to borrow and websites for you to check out.

___ Ask, or keep in mind, at least 3 people to be your references; write letters of recommendations for you for college or scholarship applications, and jobs. You must have your resume updated and ready to give to these people.

_____ Attend the Hawaii College and Career Fair on Monday, November 2, 2015 at the Kauai Marriott Hotel. Sign-ups are required in order to attend the day time event. Listen to the morning announcements on when to sign up in the Counseling Office. This is your opportunity to personally meet with the admission counselors. Take advantage of connecting with the colleges and careers in attendance. If you’re not able to sign up for the morning session, there is an evening session from 5-7 pm.

_____ Sign up to meet with college representatives, career speakers and/or military recruiters. This is publicized through the morning announcements.

_____ Apply to 2-4 colleges/universities and include one local college. (A good resource is the WUE website: www.wiche.edu/sep/wue) When applying through online or hard copy version, you must see your counselor and request for your transcript to be sent to the school.

_____ If you are planning to play sports in college, log on to the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse Website: www.ncaa.org. There is a fee. Be sure to bring the necessary NCAA forms to your counselor to complete and mail.

_____ Take the SAT I Reasoning test and or ACT in the fall. Sign up on line and on time so you are not charged a late fee. See the counselor for a fee waiver if you are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

Kapaa High School Code is 120160. It is very important to include this code in order for the school to receive your test results and place them on your transcript. The SAT includes a Writing Section. ACT has it as an option. Check on your college choices for their requirements and test scores range.

_____ Take the SAT II Subject tests if required, especially for the California schools. Check with the college on which subject tests are recommended. Sign up on line and on time so you are not charged a late fee. Remember to get a fee waiver from your counselor if you qualify for free or reduced lunch.

_____ Take the ASVAB at least once. The fall testing is scheduled for August 18, 2015. The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test) is a good source of information to help you with your college and career plans. Taking the ASVAB does not mean you are being signed up for the military.

_____ Take the Kauai Community College Placement Test – for local community college applications. The phone number is: 245-8212. The website for practice items is:   http://info.kauaicc.hawaii.edu/resources/lc/COMPASS.html

_____ Continue active involvement in extra-curricular activities – sports, clubs etc.

_____ Apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA). Submit it as soon as possible after January 1st. Attend a Financial Aid Workshop – one is held at Kapaa High School usually in November or December.

_____ Apply for all Scholarships for which you are eligible. (Good resources are: www.fastweb.com (national scholarships) and www.hawaiicommunityfoundation.com (local scholarships). Request for your transcripts from your counselor. Check to see whether your counselor mails it or you need to include it in the scholarship packet. This information will be stated in the scholarship application.

_____ Pass all your classes. Earn 24 or more credits for graduation.

_____ Keep your GPA at least 2.8 or better. Check your colleges minimum GPA requirement.

_____ Attend school/classes regularly (unexcused absences/disciplinary actions may take away your privilege of participating in the Commencement Exercises.) Continue to make wise choices.



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