February 22, 2018

Senior Year College Planning Checklist

KAPA’A High School

Senior Year College Planning Checklist

Here’s an easy to follow checklist to help prepare for upcoming dates and deadlines for college.

August                       ___ Have 3 or 4 schools in mind that you’d like to attend.

___ Compile your resume (awards, activities, job experiences)

___ Start gathering college applications.

September           ___ Begin work on application essays.

___ Register to take or retake SAT or ACT if necessary.

___ Keep track of application deadlines.


October                ___ Mail early action or decision applications.

___ Begin searching for scholarships. Listen to morning announcements  and check regularly in the Counseling Office.

___ Finish writing your essays and have them reviewed by teacher or a parent.


November               ___ Request letters of recommendation from teachers, employers.

___ Work closely with your counselor to gather other information (including your grades) to send with your application.


December               ___Submit your applications.

___ Begin working with your parents on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Website is: www.fafsa.ed.gov


January                   ___ Submit your FAFSA.

___ Make sure your mid-year grades are sent to schools you have applied to.

___ Verify with the Admissions Offices that all application material has been received.


February                 ___ Receive Student Aid Report (SAR) based on FAFSA submission.

___ Continue applying for scholarships or other forms of aid.


March                       ___ Receive decision letter(s) from the school to which you applied.


April                           ___ Receive and review financial aid Award Letters.

___ Choose your school.


May                          ___ Find out what loans you may be eligible for.

___ Apply and sign online at studentloan.com


June                          ___ Send your final transcript to your college.


July – August            ___ Attend college orientation.

___ Be aware of due dates for tuition, room and board.





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