SCC Meeting Minutes Nov 18 2014




Date of meeting: November 18, 2014

Called to Order: 5:30pm


Members Present: Daniel S. Hamada, Robyn Keawe, Nancy Borilez, Anne Harrison, Pam Baligad, Janis Gowan, Waianela Boiser, Kiara Furutani, Noel Shankar, Kathleen Ferretta, Noelani Cassidy, Nick Yamamoto, Janessa Calvan, Alana Potter


August 19, 2014 SCC Meeting minutes approved by Janis Gowan and second by Daniel Hamada


Objective of Meeting:  ACFIN Goal 1 Comprehensive Student Supports and Parent Involvement.


Parent Involvement:


1-Engrade sign-ups at Open House successful

-parent signups have increased to 41%, this is double old percentage.

-new goal: always have sign up desk at larger family functions,

double percentage to 82%.

target freshman, as an assignment they are encouraged to sign up parents

2- Questionnaire and Discussion on Senior Janessa Calvan’s Senior Project on Parent Involvement at the High School level


3- Parent: Digital Media/Technology Programs Heading

Does KHS have a proficient enough digital program when experienced KMS digital media students enter as freshmen?

Yes, these students from KMS will be able to skip the ACCP core class and move straight into Digital Media.


4- Student Success and Support/ ACFIN Goal 1


Financial literacy class built into core classes in near future

Real life class suggested

January-Early college program with KCC will begin offering 4 classes:

Math, Health, Art, IS (Intro to College)

Must pass the Compass test to take these college courses

Student will receive both high school and college credits

5- Next Meeting: continue review of ACFIN Goal 1 and scheduled Goal 2; hear from our Community Stakeholders


Next SCC Meeting: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 5:30pm

      Objective: AC/FIN Goal #1 & 2 / Stakeholders: Community

Meeting adjourned: 6:35pm

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