Minutes Aug 19, 2013


Kapa’a High SCC Minutes – * (Draft per approval at November 18, 2014 meeting)

August 19, 2014

Called to Order: 5:34pm


Members Present: Daniel S. Hamada, Robyn Keawe, Nancy Borilez, Anne Harrison, Bryson Baligad, Janis Gowan, Wainela Boiser , Sheleah Masi, Kiara Furutani


May 13 minutes approved by Janice Gowan and Daniel Hamada


Objective of Meeting:  Annual Orientation Review of SCC for new members


New Business:


            1 – Nancy welcomed new members to SCC

Sheleah Masi   Bryson Baligad   Kiara Furutani

2 – Nancy gave an overview of SCC vision and mission and bylaws.

-passed out 2014/15 Academic Financial Plan AC/FIN

-Goal: 100% participation

– *SCC voted to post minutes as a DRAFT on website as we are quarterly

3 – Daniel Hamada reviewed 2014/2015 ACFIN

Goal 1 Student Success

Goal 2 Staff Success

Goal 3 Successful System Support

4 – Daniel Hamada reviewed Engrade

Goal to get more parents involved on Engrade

-We decided to set up an Engrade desk at Open House

5 – Principal Updates:

A) Accreditation – still working on it, ahead of schedule.

B) New year start: 1066 students, new master schedule, student ratio

good in core classes, higher in fine arts classes, 2 new teachers,

great new staff members.

C) New Grant with Castle Foundation “Early College” which combines

Jumpstart and Running Start with 100% tuition paid for college

classes during high school is close to being up and running in next

year, will probably benefit freshman and sophomores.

D) Sophomores had low HSA scores last year, will be new testing now

and looking at how to increase learning and test taking skills.

-Discussed a “Test taking class” for future.

6 – Announcements:

A)   Open House/PTSA Pizza dinner September 9, 2014 5:30pm


Next SCC Meeting: Tuesday, November 18, 2014 5:30pm

      Objective: AC/FIN Goal #1 / Parents Questions

Meeting adjourned: 6:35pm

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