February 22, 2018

Your Role

Parents as Partners in Learning
Parents are critical to their children’s well-being and success. Reflecting upon their own experiences, more than 2700 parents throughout Hawaii generated the following standards and practices for parents in helping their children learn. While the standards guide parents in supporting their children’s learning, they also guide the school and community in providing the information, support, and involvement opportunities that parents desire.

A. Attend to your child’s physical, emotional, social, and behavioral development:
B. Develop your family as your child’s first teacher:
C. Prepare your child to achieve the  Hawaii Content and Performance Standards at school:
D. Provide home support for your child’s meeting the Hawaii Content & Performance Standards:
E. Support your child’s school and teachers:
F. Be a life-long learner and teacher:

View or Download the full version of  Standards for Parents as Partners in Learning.Parenting and Family Support
Parenting High Schoolers is a whole different chapter in family life. The High School Edition of the National Parent Institute Monthly Newsletter has lots of valuable insight based on decades of research and the practices of The National Network of Partnership Schools (John’s Hopkins Univ.). The DOE subscription for this newsletter is being renewed at this time. Please check back for the active link here. Mahalo

Having said that, we wanted to highlight the three on campus School-Based Behavioral Student Health Services (SBBH) here on Kapaa High Campus. These services exist on campus and are engaged for Kapaa High students free of charge.  They are:

Student Support Services – On Campus

Services that Support Families
There are many support services available to families and the PCNC’s at every Hawaii Public high school can help you learn about them and connect to them. The fact is, there are so many options, we needed a separate page to list them all. (It’s a work in progress, please “pardon our dust”.) The Kapaa Warrior Network-Family Support Page

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