February 22, 2018



Master the basics.
Required Documents
Forms we need from you yearly. These documents are extremely important for the proper running of the school. They all require parent/guardian signature.

  • Federal Lunch Application. (White with blue text).
  • Emergency Card (White).
  • Home-School Compact.
  • Video and Image Release Form.

First things first, whether you are just dropping off your teen or visiting, here’s a map to help get oriented:

Kapaa High School Map

Kapaa High School Map

Places to Know- to get things done

Front Office: Student ID’s, Bus Info & Passes, deposits to meal account, signing your teen OUT of school, visitor & volunteer sign-in, student parking permits, driver’s ed sign-up.
Registrar’s Office/Attendance Desk: Readmits (Students should bring a signed dated note from a their parent/guardian to excuse tardies or absences-parents do not need accompany their child to the attendance desk), School Uniform Shirt Purchases (Hours & Current Order Form). Admissions/enrollment.
Accounting Office: Pay Class and Student Govt. Dues, Overdue, Lost or Damaged Book Charges, Buy KIF Athletic Events Booklet
Library: Many parent events that occur take place here like Orientation & Back to School nights, College & Career Planning Nights, and SCC Community Meetings.
Health Room/Health Aide: First Aid, Infirmary, Immunization Records, Health Information.

You are welcome on campus. All visitors must sign-in at the Front Office. The administration has an open door policy. The front office is open 5 days a week year round. After parking, please come to the front office in the I Building to sign-in.

An appointment is needed to meet with counselors and kindly requested and highly recommended for meeting with faculty.


  • Handicap parking available in all three lots: Main, Senior Lot and Gym Lot.
  • Visitor Parking is available in the Gym Parking Lot. Area in front of Gym Entrance is a Fire Lane- Do Not Block.
  • There is a Visitor Parking Space and multiple Handicapped Visitor parking spaces in the Main Parking Lot.
  • Please Note: The paved Student Center Lot is restricted access: It is a bus loading zone serving hundreds of students at least twice a day- more on field trip days. To ensure bus access and safety, it’s limited access and a no parking zone during school hours. You can park there for evening events like PTSA, Alumni Foundation, or parent meetings, and weekend althletic, school or community events.

Personal Campus Tours are available.  Please find contact information for the Kapaa High PCNC at the top of this blog’s main page to arrange for your personal campus tour


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