SCC Minutes February 21, 2017

Kapa’a High SCC Minutes
February 21, 2017
Called to Order: 5:32pm

Members Present: Daniel S. Hamada, Nancy Borilez, Waianela Boiser, Maverick Yadao, Juliana Tampus, Bridget Pope, Pam Baligad, Johnny Garcia, and Sheri Johnson

Objective of Meeting: SY2016-2017/ACFIN Goal 3 System Success
All Parents, Students and Community encouraged to share at all meetings.
Please submit to Nancy Borilez two weeks prior to meeting.

Student Share:
– Juliana Tampus shared the SAT prep would be really helpful in all classes. That Mr Mireles did it in his class and it was very beneficial. SAT and ACT skill refresher is planned. Also the financial fair went well and Kapaa is ahead of the game preparing students for life!

New Business:
1-Community Share: Johnny Garcia has been head of the Boys and Girls club Kapaa for 2 years. Shared about what he does for them.
2-SLC Counselor: Registration all online except 9th grade. Meeting in March for KCC’s next course offerings. Nancy shared that the turn out for the 9th grade parent meetings was great. Also registration power point was great, lots of good info parents need. Nancy suggested that the 9th grade meeting should be the template for all other meetings.
3 -ACFIN Goal 2 System Success
-Capstone Program: Business Program-WCU and a new Program for Agricultures and Education Pathways.
4 – Principal/Admin update: We hope to have every student have their first year of college out-of-the-way. Pilot computer course computer science is going to be taught by Microsoft next year! Kapaa highlighted for highest growth rate. 80% go on after graduation to college of technical school. Mr. Hamada unveiled his three- year academic plan draft with strategic plan in place for 2020. Kapa’a high school meets and exceeds many of the benchmark setting the bar higher. Early college – We have $3 million to $6 million of funding we can run a minimum of 4 classes each semester so there is a class every period. Kids can take as many as they can. In addition our Business college class is doing great; our kids are doing really well with this class exceeding KCC students.

Next SCC Meeting: May 2, 2017 5:30pm
Meeting adjourned: 6:33pm

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