SCC Meeting Agenda Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SCC Meeting Agenda
Kapa’a High School Community Council Tuesday, February 21, 2017 Student Center Conf. Room ~ 5:30 pm
1. Call to Order
2. Approve minutes of SCC meeting of November 15, 2016
3. Objective of Meeting: ACFIN Goal 3 System Success
4. AgendaItem:
 Students: to submit/share at all meetings
 Parents: Meeting 2
 Community: Meeting 3: Sheri Johnson, Central Pacific Bank
Johnny Garcia, new Kapa’a Boys & Girls Club Director  Non-Certificated: PCNC: Nancy Borilez
 Teachers: Meeting 1
 SLC/Counselor: Waianela Boiser  Administration: All Meetings
5. UnfinishedBusiness 6) NewBusiness:
a) Community Share: Sheri Johnson & Johnny Garcia
b) SLC & PCNC: Student Registration and Parent Registration Meetings
c) Dual Credit Programs (Early College, Running Start, JumpStart/KCC)—
College Career Counselor
d) Discuss Status of SY2017-2018 SCC
e) ACFIN Goal 3: System Success
f) ACFIN SY2017-2018 Draft aligned to the DOE Strategic Plans and Mid-term
WASC report.
g) Principal Updates
7) Announcements:
a) Next PTSA Meeting: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 5:00pm b) Next SCC Meeting: Tuesday, May ___, 2017 5:30pm
c) 2017GraduationFriday,May19,2017
8. EvaluationofMeeting
9. AdjournmentTime:____________________ 10.Acting Secretary:_____________________
Public Testimony is welcome at Regular School Community Meetings. To reserve time (limited to 5 minutes) please contact the SCC Chairperson at least 6 days before the meeting. The chairperson is required to submit a final agenda to the State Documents Online portal not less than 6 days prior to any SCC meeting.
Persons requiring special assistance or services, such as sign language interpreter, should call Hawaii Interpreting Services at 394-7706 at least three business days before the SCC meeting.

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