The objective of the SCC shall be in accordance with State guidelines and be consistent with policies of the Board of Education.

Section I To advise the school regarding the planning, budgeting, implementation and evaluation of the Standards Implementation Design (SID): Academic and Financial Plan.

Section 2 To ensure the school’s academic and financial plan is aligned with the educational accountability system.

Section 3 To study and develop the SID Multi-Year Plan in relation to the educational needs of the students.

Section 4 To emphasize the parents as the first teacher of the child and to provide opportunities for all parents to improve their teaching methods through developmental activities.

Section 5 To provide collaborative opportunities for input and consultation.

Section 6 To take other actions as required by the Department of Education.

These Objectives are from the Kapaa High School SCC By-laws as reviewed, approved and on file with the complex area superintendent and the SCC office.