Leader Position
President Donald J. Trump
President of the United States
Honorable James Mattis
Secretary of Defense
Honorable Patrick Murphy
Secretary of the Army
General Mark A. Miley
Chief of Staff of the Army
SMA Daniel A. Dailey
Sergeant Major of the Army
General David G. Perkins
Commander, US Army and Doctrine Command
CSM David S. Davenport Sr.
Command Sergeant Major, US Army Training and Doctrine Command
MG Peggy C. Combs
Cadet Command Commander
CSM Gabriel A. Arnold
Command Sergeant Major, US Army Cadet Command
Colonel William Richardson
Director, US Army JROTC
Colonel Samuel E. Williams
Commander, 8th Brigade
CSM Timothy P. Marble
Command Sergeant Major, 8th Brigade
LTC Antoinette Correia
Hawaii Multiple School, Unit Director of Army Instruction
SGM Sandra Beekman
Sergeant Major, Hawaii Multiple school Unit
Daniel S. Hamada
Principal, Kapa’a High School