February 22, 2018

Bus Pass Payment Info


Student Transportation Services Branch

Student Transportation Services

Quarterly Payment Plan Notice

School Year 2016-2017



To:          Parents and Guardians of School Bus Riders

From:       Student Transportation Services Branch



This is a friendly reminder that school bus riders who are on the Quarterly Payment Plan must purchase their new bus pass prior to the start of the next academic quarter (as scheduled below) if they wish to continue riding the bus after the break. Please remit your payment to the school office either in person or by mail (Do not mail cash) on or before the due dates listed below. Payments made by check, money order or cashier’s check should be made payable to “Department of Education.” Please call your child’s school office for more information.


As a reminder, there is a $25 service fee for all returned checks (payable to “Director of Finance”), and a $5.00 fee to replace a permanent bus pass.





2nd Quarter:            Round-Trip = $72.00            One-Way = $36.00            Due by: Sep. 28


3rd Quarter:            Round-Trip = $72.00            One-Way = $36.00            Due by: Dec. 14


4th Quarter:            Round-Trip = $72.00            One-Way = $36.00            Due by: March 15




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