July 19, 2019



· The Mark window for Quarter 4 and Final marks is open in Infinite Campus.

Final Marks and Mark Verification sheets will be due Friday May 31, by 3pm. 

All students will need a mark for both Q4 and Final if you have Semester courses, if you have quarter courses, only a Final mark is required.


· **IMPORTANT** all Early College Teachers please input an “S” or “U” for the Quarter 4 mark; the FINAL mark will be an academic mark which should come from a collaborative effort of both you and KCC, this mark should be A-F.

· Don’t forget that the Study Hall TA’s, Cert Students receive and “S” or “U”

· Please advise with Todd Barcial on transfer students and those students who have “N’s” or “I’s”

· Counselors:  All PLATO credit sheets will need to be turned in prior to the grades deadline.

· All printed and non-printed grade books and attendance

should be organized and put in a folder to turn into the Registrar’s Office when you check out.

· Teachers please also save/archive an electronic copy of your grade book and attendance to a memory device or Google Drive Do Not save it to your faculty computer.

· I will sign your check out folder once you verify your marks from the mark verification sheet starting now to June 3rd.

· If you close out your grade books and have posted your marks early before the deadline, please email me so I can print your verification sheets and sign your folder.


Bridge Project – Grade 9

The Bridge Project will begin within the 9th grade classrooms starting today 5/28.  The competition will be held in the gym on Thursday May 30.

Commencement Ceremony

Thank you to all the families, friends, faculty, and staff that attended commencement on Friday May 24.  Once again, it turned out to be a great evening of celebration for the 230+ students who graduated.  Special thanks to the countless number of volunteers who organized, set-up, and broke down for the ceremony.

Student Support

With this being the last week of the school year, asking teachers to please ensure that parent/guardian contact has been made for all students who are in jeopardy of failing a course.  Please continue to work with every student until the very end as we all need a little extra boost during this very stressful time of year.


Administration will continue to do tardy sweeps and monitor appropriate school wear daily.  Having students in class on time and dressed appropriate has definitely had a positive impact on the Kapaa HS community.  Teachers, please immediately notify administration of students who are not wearing proper school attire as they enter your classroom.  This will help ensure that all rules and expectation can be addressed equitably across campus.


Master Schedule

Attached below is the UPDATED TENTATIVE Master Schedule for SY 19-20.


English Dept. Meeting

Administration would like to meet with all 10-12 grade English teachers for next year on Thursday May 30 @ 2:30 pm, in Ms. Carlson’s room.  Items to be discussed include supplies and lines for next year.

All Teachers

As we close out the school year I am open to meeting with any teachers who have concerns and questions regarding next year, or anything to reflect on this last semester.  I am always looking for ways to better support our teachers and students while continuously improving Kapaa HS to get to where we need to be.  Your input is extremely valuable in this process.  I am available until 3 pm Tuesday, and all day Thursday and Friday.  Please stop  by if you have a chance.  If you can’t make it, I just would like to say thank you for all your hard work as we transition into next year.  I am looking forward to continuing to work with all of you.  Have a great summer and we will see you at the end of July!


The last EES session of the school year will be on Wednesday May 29 in the library at 2:45 pm.  We will be recognizing retiring teachers and those teachers who have earned service awards.  We will also quickly talk about the budget and Master Schedule for SY 19-20. Please be prompt.


Tuesday 5/28

Principal Mtg w/ Shioi Construction, Lihue, 3:30 pm

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