January 19, 2018

Graduation 2017


Quarter 2 & Semester 1 Marks:
Window to input marks for Quarter 2 and Semester 1 is now open in Infinite Campus. Marking window will close January 16th at 3pm so post all marks by the deadline. After marks are posted you will be receiving a mark verification print out to verify your marks are good to go. Upon Registrar Todd Barcial receiving all verifications back, report cards will be printed. Note of the following points below and check with Registrar if you have questions.
Early College: Teachers, you will only post a Semester mark, the Quarter 2 mark should be an “S”
TA’s: Please give your TA’s an “S” or “U”. If a mark is missing the students transcript/report card will look incomplete.
Certification track and PLATO Students: Same as TA’s please give an “S” or “U”
Email Registrar should you need a release mark for transfer students from the mainland or other schools.
Memo in your boxes
(See attached file: Quarter 2 Semester 1 Grades Memo SY 2017-2018.docx)

End of Course (EOC) & Smarter Balance (SB) Benchmarks:
Sharing results for Semester 1 EOC (Alg1, Alg. II and Biology) scores. Encouraged with math scores as it helps predict Smarter Balance scores. Reminder that our school’s status is determined based on the average of 1st and 2nd semester results per the Smarter Balance (Math & English) assessment. In terms of science, the EOC Biology average scores per 1st & 2nd semester will serve as our school’s official benchmark.

SY 2017-18 1st Semester EOC Scores:
Algebra I (91 students tested) – 44% proficient Algebra II (88 students tested) – 56% proficient Biology (75 students tested) – 36% proficient

Semester 1 Smarter Balance test (English & Math) assessment results have not been released and will share upon receipt. Until then, listed are the new baseline scores all schools need to meet: ELA – 51% Math – 42% Science – 43%

Updated Relocation Updates 2nd Semester:
Attached provides an update (in red) to the room assignments for 2nd semester. Please note that effective completion of the renovations, Ms. Stuart and Mr. Sypniewski will be switching rooms.
(See attached file: RELOCATIONS – 2ND SEMESTER.docx)

Certificated Personnel – 2nd Semester
Attached updated certificated list reflects a more definitive assignment especially for grade 10 Ideas & Hopes teams.
(See attached file: Certificated Personnel 2nd Semester SY 2017-18.xlsx)

2nd Semester Master Schedule:
Revised master schedule edits (red) for second semester (or 2nd academic year) contains more updated assignment changes and new personnel.
(See attached file: KAPAA HS MASTER SCHEDULE SY 17-18 12-13-2017.docx)

Facilities Updates:
CTE Renovations:
Final inspection for Bldg. G will be held over the coming weeks as the last few finish work are nearly completed. Critical that we remain within our time frame so the facility can be turned back to the school so we can get back to utilizing the entire facility. Reminder that no students/teachers are allowed in those areas due to liability issues.
Bldg D (Rms 102 & 103) renovation work started during the winter break with demolition of walls, cabinets, and plumbing to avoid any disruption of excessive noise levels during instructional time. Appreciative to Shioi Construction for their flexibility and efforts in helping to complete this renovation work within 40 working days.

Science Renovations:
Bldg. B – waiting for delivery & installation of cabinets/counter tops. Due to the winter weather on the east coast, the transport of our cabinets/counter tops were put on hold and based on our last communication, on their way to the west coast.
Bldgs R & S – renovations are moving at a very good pace as the electrical, plumbing, and flooring should be completed shortly followed by some minor work. Delivery & installation of the cabinets/counter tops should be the final major work before the inspection phase. With the contractor staying at this current pace, completion date may be earlier than anticipated.

Kauai Island Utility Cooperative – Sharing of Aloha Grant:
Attached is “Sharing of Aloha (SOA)” grant application that Hui/Academies might consider applying for in supporting integrated projects and other areas of focus.
(See attached file: SOA Application.PDF)

Wed, January 10th:
EES Session – Library 3:00 p.m.

Thurs, January 11th:
KCC Personnel on campus for Early College planning – 9:00 a.m.
Principal @Castle Grant Planning Mtg – State Bldg. 3:30 p.m.

Fri, January 12th:
Principal @C2C (Connect to Careers) Partnership meeting – Oahu 8:00 a.m.

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