January 19, 2018

Graduation 2017


Thank you for your dedicated efforts in preparing our students for college, careers, and citizenship. Here’s wishing everyone a well deserved break and wonderful holiday season!

Student Supports (Identified Students):
As we enter into final week for the Fall Semester, it is an expectation that all teachers should be available/supporting students especially those identified struggling students. Whether it be tutoring, contacting parents, etc., our PLC time must be maximized to the fullest in supporting all students.

Intercession Tutoring – Friday, Dec. 22nd:
Tutoring support will be provided for those identified students on Friday, Dec. 22nd from 8:00 – 2:00 p.m. Attached are the names submitted and shared by VP tommy cox this past week If you did not submit the needed names by Friday 12/15, please get them to Mr. Cox ASAP as this determines the number of teachers are needed for intercession. All parents/guardians must be contacted Attached is the worksheet shared earlier this past week and please contact the vice-principals should you have any questions.

(See attached file: Winter Intersession-Teachers.xlsx)

SBAC & EOC Assessments:
Students continue taking their Smarter Balance State Assessment (English & Math) and End of Course (Alg 1 & 2 and Biology) exams this week and appreciate everyone helping to ensure for a positive testing environment. Overall, it’s been positive and ask all teachers to monitor your students in terms leaving your rooms, classroom noise levels, and help encourage students reporting to their classes on time. Mahalo to the those teachers who have been outside of their doors greeting students as it makes a huge difference.

Quarter 2 & Semester 1 Marks:
Window to input marks for Quarter 2 and Semester 1 is now open in Infinite Campus. Mark window will close January 16th at 3pm please post all marks by the deadline. After marks are posted you will be receiving a mark verification print out to verify your marks are good to go. Once Registrar Barcial receives all verifications back, Report Cards will be printed. Please make note of the following and check with Registrar if you have questions.
Early College: Teachers, you will only post a Semester mark, the Quarter 2 mark should be an “S”
TA’s: Please give your TA’s an “S” or “U”. If a mark is missing the students transcript/report card will look incomplete.
Certification track and PLATO Students: Same as TA’s please give an “S” or “U”
Email Registrar should you need a release mark for transfer students from the mainland or other schools.
Memo in your boxes

Relocation Updates 2nd Semester:
Attached provides an update (in red) to the room assignments for 2nd semester. Please note that effective SY 2018-19, both Ms. Stuart and Mr. Sypniewski will be switching rooms.
(See attached file: RELOCATIONS – 2ND SEMESTER.docx)

EES – Dec. 20th Agenda:
Attached tentative agenda highlights this Wednesday’s EES session. Please contact administration should you have questions/add other items to the agenda.
(See attached file: EES Session – Dec. 20th.doc)

Literacy & Assessment PLC sessions with Anne Davies & Sandra Herbst:
Anne Davies and Sandra Herbst will be on island doing a two separate training sessions….secondary schools on Thursday, Jan. 18th at the District Office 2nd floor and Friday, Jan. 19th for the elementary schools at Kauai HS R-3. Interested teachers for the January 18th session, are asked to submit your names to your Hui/Academy leaders. Each secondary school will be limited to 3 teachers and there may be a wait list.

2nd Semester Master Schedule:
Revised master schedule edits (red) for second semester (or 2nd academic year) contains more updated assignment changes and new personnel.
(See attached file: KAPAA HS MASTER SCHEDULE SY 17-18 12-13-2017.docx)

Facilities Updates:
CTE Renovations:
Bldg G will be having a final inspection shortly as the finish work is progress and plans remain to have the facility turned back to the school in early January 2018.
Bldg D (Rms 102 & 103) construction will be starting during the winter break beginning with demolition of walls, cabinets, counters and plumbing. Contract calls for construction to be completed within 40 working days.

Science Renovations:
Bldg. B – waiting for delivery & installation of cabinets/counter tops. Mid January 2018 remains benchmark date.
Bldgs R & S – renovations are moving at a very good pace as the lighting, plumbing, and flooring should be completed shortly followed by some minor work. Delivery & installation of the cabinets should be the final phase before final inspection. With the contractor staying at this current pace, completion date may be earlier than anticipated.

Heat Abatement:
With the project now completed, State DOE Facilities Branch is working on a contract for quarterly inspections/service.
Phase 2 discussions are in place and critical that teachers ensure that students do not temper the cooling systems as its being monitored from an off-campus site. This will definitely hinder our opportunity to move into phase 2.

Mon, December 18th:
Principal @Deputy Superintendent Roundtable Meeting – Oahu 9:00 a.m.

Wed, December 20th:
Washington State high school administrator on campus mtg w/principal 9:00 a.m.
Principal mtg w/Castle Foundation 1:30 p.m.
EES Session – Library 3:00 p.m.

Fri, December 22nd:
Intercession Tutoring 8:00 – 2:00 p.m.

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