February 23, 2018

Graduation 2017


Many know of John Hattie, Professor of Education and Director of Visible Learning Labs, University of Auckland . His “Visible Learning” research study involves millions of students and represents the collection of evidence based research into what actually works in schools to improve learning. Research covered areas of influence addressing the student, home, school, curricula, teacher and teaching practices is supported by many outstanding individuals in the field of educational research. Sharing a summarized version of Hattie’s findings addressing “teacher influence” and know that you’ll find this to be a good validation.
Teachers are among the most powerful influences in learning.
Teachers need to be directive, influential, caring, and actively engaged in the passion of teaching and learning. Teachers need to be aware of what each and every student is thinking and knowing, to construct meaning and meaningful experiences in light of this knowledge, and have proficient knowledge and understanding of their content to provide meaningful and appropriate feedback such that each student moves progressively through the curriculum levels.
Teachers need to know the learning intentions and success criteria of their lessons, know how well they are attaining these criteria for all students, and know where to go next in light of the gap between students’ current knowledge and understanding and the success criteria of: “Where are you going?”, and “where to next?”.
Teachers need to move from the single idea to multiple ideas, and to relate and then extend these ideas such that learners construct and reconstruct knowledge and ideas. It is not the knowledge or ideas, but the learner’s construction of this knowledge and these ideas that is critical.
School leaders and teachers need to create school and classroom environments where error is welcomed as a learning opportunity, where discarding incorrect knowledge and understandings is welcomed, and where participants can feel safe to learn, re-learn, and explore knowledge and understanding.

Research also included positive effect data (low 0.15; medium 0.40; & high 0.70) for student learning from ranging from teaching to working conditions:
Teaching: Working Conditions:
Quality of teaching 0.77 Within class grouping 0.28
Reciprocal teaching 0.74 Adding more finances 0.23
Teacher -student relationships 0.72 Reducing class size 0.21
Providing feedback 0.72 Ability grouping 0.11
Teaching student self verbalization 0.67 Multi-grade/age classes 0.04
Meta cognition strategies 0.67 Open vs. traditional classes 0.01
Direct instruction 0.59 Summer vacation classes -0.09
Mastery learning 0.57 Retention -0.16
Average: 0.68 Average: 0.08

Hattie’s research addressing positive influences for student growth is very validating per our collective work. In the coming weekly updates, will share other research addressing positive student learning growth.

SBAC & EOC Testing:
Reminder that students will be taking their Smarter Balance State Assessment (English & Math) and End of Course (Alg 1 & 2 and Biology) exams beginning week of December 11th – 21st. During this time, please help ensure for a positive testing environment. Minimize having students leaving the classrooms, monitor noise levels, and encourage students to get to their classes on time.

Grade 10 Teams:
Effective January 2018, grade 10 teachers from the HOPES and IDEAS Academies will begin meeting as a “grade 10 team” similar to our grade 9 HUI teams. Grade 10 teachers will work with their peers and administrators in planning for this transition. They are encouraged to remain involved with the grade 11 & 12 Academy teachers as they build a more balanced focused student support, interdisciplinary activities, etc.

EES Date Changes:
Wednesday, Dec. 6th EES date has been rescheduled to Wednesday, Dec. 20th. We will use the Dec. 20th session to prepare for 2nd semester(new academic year) and closing this semester. The Dec. 13th, Wednesday EES date remains to support the Senior Project presentations.

Relocations – 2nd Semester:
Attached are the assigned rooms for those teachers whose rooms are still undergoing renovations and extend a sincere thanks in helping make this period of time as supportive as possible. There may be changes due to enrollment numbers and teaching assignment changes.
(See attached file: RELOCATIONS – 2ND SEMESTER.docx)

2nd Semester Master Schedule:
Revised master schedule edits (red) for second semester (or 2nd academic year) contains several class assignment changes along with new personnel joining our faculty in January. Expect other changes over the coming days.
(See attached file: KAPAA HS MASTER SCHEDULE SY 17-18 12-1-17.docx)

Blood Drive
Reminder that a blood drive is taking place all on Monday, Dec. 4th. (Library). Mahalo to Teacher Kara Kitamura and her students for their good work in coordinating this very important & successful annual event. Want to also acknowledge our students and faculty who are taking time to donate blood to help save lives.

Mon, December 4th:
Principal meeting with legislative reps for school improvement projects 9:00 a.m.
Principal @Early Childhood Advisory Board Mtg – Kauai Community College 5:00 p.m.

Thurs, December 7th:
Principal @Hanalei Elementary School 12:00 p.m.

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