February 23, 2018

Graduation 2017


Class of 2021 Parent Registration:
Grade 9 parents will be having a registration meeting on Thursday, Nov. 30th @6:00 p.m. in the library to learn more about the grade 10 electronic registration process, HOPES & IDEAS Academy pathways, Early College, etc. Encouraging academy teachers to support this very important parent meeting as it sets the tone for the students’ academy selection process. Attached media information provides the context as to what was shared.
(See attached file: KHS press release Parent registration Meeting Incoming 10th Nov 30.doc)

CTE Programs of Study:
Our current Academy Hui/Academy structure provides that systemic means helping students to graduate with that experience and skill set to pursue a pathway of their choosing. The current six career pathways will increase to nine “career clusters” and don’t see any challenges in merging the additional clusters into our framework based on students’ interests. Other planned changes include having students take a written and performance based assessment to demonstrate mastery which can lead to a certificate and degree readiness along with earning early college credits while in high school. Our collective work remains focused in preparing all students for college & career decisions, including the opportunity to create and design a job that we have not yet thought of while addressing community & industry employment needs. More discussions will be taking place over the coming months to help teachers prepare for this “career cluster” transition especially dealing with interdisciplinary learning and capstone programs.

Grade 10 Teams:
Effective January 2018, grade 10 teachers per the HOPES and IDEAS Academy will begin meeting as a grade 10 team similar to our grade 9 HUI teams. Grade 10 teachers will work with their peers and administrators in planning for this transition. They are encouraged to remain involved with the grade 11 & 12 Academy teachers as they build a more balanced focused student support, interdisciplinary activities, etc. Composition of the teams are: HOPES: Brockington, Lehardy, Asher, Steiner, Gross, Tobler IDEAS: Mireles, Ornellas, Antonio, Sypniewski, Alverez, Nitta Counselor: Alanna Potter

Computer Science Principles Cohort:
As shared, Kapaa High School is one of 15 schools selected to work with University of Hawaii per a 3 year program study on Computer Science Principles aimed at improving computer science education opportunities. This project is structured as a research partnership in building the curriculum, teacher professional development and ultimately reduce barriers to participation of under represented groups. Interested teachers are asked to contact administration if they are interested in participating. Please note that this grant will cover the majority of the travel, training, and other costs and attached site shares more info.
Teacher Leader M.Ed. Courses:
Interested teachers can check with administration about Chaminade University’s Master of Education (M.Ed) Teacher Leader program designed for teachers seeking formal or informal non-administrative leadership roles such as resource teachers, instructional specialists, curriculum specialists, mentors, data coaches and dept chairs. Anyone in this cohort will receive a 25% discount on tuition and all books for this program will be included at no additional costs.

EES Date Changes:
Wednesday, Dec. 6th EES date has been rescheduled to Wednesday, Dec. 20th. We will use this time to prepare for the 2nd semester/new academic year and close out this semester. The Dec. 13th, Wednesday EES date remains to support the Senior Project presentations.

Facilities Updates:

Bldg. B (exterior): DIEDE Contractors will be on campus Wednesday, Nov. 29th to meet with administration to begin planning for Bldg. B exterior renovations. While this project start date is scheduled for Summer 2018, discussing possibility to start project sooner pending the building permits.
D 103 (interior): K. Shioi Contractors will be doing the renovations as the time-frame is to begin during winter break. Projected time-frame is a completion deadline within 40 working days.
Other construction Projects: Other planned construction renovations planned for this school year and into the summer are: Play Court demolition/replacement; new Gym planning/design; present Gym exterior painting project; planning for Library interior (depending on construction of new elementary library) renovations, and possible pavement work fronting Gym area.

Relocations – 2nd Semester:
Attached are the assigned rooms for those teachers whose rooms are still undergoing renovations and extend a sincere thanks in helping make this period of time as supportive as possible. Please note that there will probably be changes due to enrollment and assignment changes.
(See attached file: RELOCATIONS – 2ND SEMESTER.docx)

2nd Semester Master Schedule:
Attached master schedule provides more updates for the second semester/second academic year addressing teacher assignments. While no major changes, most of the Early College courses.
(See attached file: KAPAA HS MASTER SCHEDULE SY 17-18 11-21-2017.docx)

Tues, November 28th:
Principal @Kauai Complex Area Leadership Mtg – State Bldg. 7:30 a.m.

Wed, November 29th:
Principal Mtg w/Contractors for Bldg D exterior renovations – 8:00 a.m.
Principal Mtg w/Kauai Community College – 9:00 a.m.

Thurs, November 30th:
VP & AD Mtg – State Bldg. 8:00 a.m.
Class of 2021 Parent Registration Meeting – Library 6:00 p.m.

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