February 23, 2018

Graduation 2017


This time of year certainly reminds me that working with you continues to be a wonderful experience and journey. My gratitude is built on our past good work, sense of pride for our present work, and building our future work toward student readiness, readiness for the workplace, for leadership, and contributions to our communities.. Wishing you and your love ones truly a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Oh yes…be sure to have a freshly baked muffin (or scone) early Thanksgiving morning as it makes for an outstanding day!!!

CTE Programs of Study:
Kapa’a High’s Academy Hui/Academy framework provides a good model in helping students to graduate with that experience and skill set to pursue a pathway of their choosing. The current six career pathways will merge into nine “career clusters” and don’t see any challenges in merging the additional clusters into our framework based on students’ interests. Other planned changes include having students take a written and performance based assessment to demonstrate mastery which can lead to a certificate and degree readiness along with earning early college credits while in high school. Our vision remains steadfast in ensuring students have that exploratory experience that prepares them for college & career decisions, including the opportunity to create and design a job that we have not yet thought of while addressing our community & industry employment needs. PLC discussions will be taking place over the coming months to help teachers prepare for this “career cluster” transition especially dealing with interdisciplinary learning and capstone programs.

Academy Visits:
Beginning on Monday, Nov. 20th – Wednesday, Nov. 22nd, nearly 300 grade 9 HUI students will be visiting the CTE pathway classes within each academy. Students will visit one pathway class within both of the HOPES and IDEAS academies. Sharing the colored passes to help identify the grade 9 students and appreciate everyone helping to promote your academy pathways.
Monday, Nov. 20th -yellow passes
Tuesday, Nov. 21st – pink passes
Wednesday, Nov. 22nd -beige passes

Social Studies Changes:
Effective SY 2018-19, the following changes will be in effect for the grade 12 Social Studies sequence. Currently Econ (0.5) & Psych (0.5) are in place and effective Fall of 2018, elements of Econ will be incorporated within the CTE pathway core classes and elements of Psych within Humanities and through Early College. The two new classes (American Problems and Humanities) are very relevant especially with what’s happening in our society today and links nicely with the integration of other content and senior projects.
Grade 9 – World History & Culture (CHW 1100) 1.0 credit
Grade 10 – US History & government ( CHU 1100) 1.0 credit
Grade 11 – Modern History of Hawaii (CHS 1100) 0.5 credit and Participation In Democracy (CGU 1100) 0.5 credit
Grade 12 – American Problems (CGU 2200) 0.5 credit and Humanities (CPG 2100) 0.5 credit

Mid-Term 2 Marks:
Reminder that the window to enter marks into Infinite Campus is open and will close on the due date of Monday, Nov. 20th at 3:00 p.m. Shortly after, Registrar Barcial will then print the mid-term 2 reports and place in teachers’ boxes for distribution on Tuesday, Nov 21st. Attached are the instructions for posting your marks.
(See attached file: Mid-Term 2 Memo SY 2017-2018.docx)

Computer Science Principles Cohort:
The University of Hawaii – Maui Community College in collaboration with the Hawaii Department of Education will be conducting a 3 year study on Computer Science Principles aimed at improving computer science education opportunities. This project is structured as a research partnership in building the curriculum, teacher professional development and ultimately reduce barriers to participation of under represented groups. Kapaa High School is one of 15 schools selected and interested teachers can contact administration if they are interested in participating. Grant will cover the majority of the costs and attached site shares more info.
Facilities Updates:

Heat Abatement (Portables): The heat abatement projects were officially accepted this past week. System will be monitored from an off campus site to ensure that the systems are being utilized correctly. Administration will be sharing the planned next phase addressing future heat abatement projects in December or early January.
Science Classrooms: Project is progressing as the major demolition & other “rough in” work is completed. The electrical, plumbing, painting contractors are doing the majority of the current work before the flooring/cabinets are installed. Delivery of the new cabinets & counter tops for Bldg. B and later for Bldgs R & S remain our major challenge due to late start and shipping time frame. Completion Bldg B still remains for January 2018 with Bldgs R & S shortly after.
CTE Renovations: Renovations remain on schedule as the roofing work continues to be followed with the fencing and other finish type work. Completion date for Bldg G remains for mid-December. Next phase to renovate D103 will follow shortly pending building permit changes approval.
Administration appreciates everyone’s support. Ultimate goal is to renovate all of our classrooms ensuring that we are able to provide a learning environment in preparing 21st century students for college, careers and citizenship per our Hui/Academy focus.

Budget & Personnel Planning for SY 2018-19:
On Monday, Nov. 20th, administration will begin the initial planning for next school year’s staffing and operational budget. While it may seem early, this is important so that projected increases addressing budget, staffing, and facility, can be submitted to the legislature in a timely manner. State Budget and Personnel Office administrators will be on campus from around 12:30 p.m.

Mon, November 20th:
Principal mtg w/State Budget & Personnel 1:00 p.m.

Tues, November 21st:
School Community Council Mtg. – Student Center 5:30 p.m.

Wed, November 22nd:
EES Session – Library 3:00 p.m.

Thurs, November 23rd:
Happy Thanksgiving

If you want to see the effectiveness of an educator, you do not look at what the teacher is doing but at the learners whom they serve. InnovatorsMindset

Kapaa High School cares for and supports “ALL” students to be prepared for college, career, and citizenship in the 21st century.

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