January 19, 2018

Graduation 2017


Natural Resources Pathway: Want to acknowledge teachers Kylie Hashizaki, Brandon Fujita and their students for a wonderful job in preparing the field for our Agriculture & Animal System pathways. Over the past weeks teachers & students (including custodial staff) have really done great job in the cleaning and prepping the agriculture land area…..truly lots of hard work! While this is work in progress, pleased to share that plans are in place to build new 6 ft fencing/gates, fully automated fodder system, and new tractor beginning January 2018. Great to see this vision coming together! Want to also acknowledge our community and business partners for their support & funding as these initial costs are well over $100,000.00. Estimating that as the C2C (Connect 2 Careers) Agriculture community partnership takes off, so will the potential of our Natural Resources pathway program.

Collaboration Day: Reminder that our collaboration day will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. this Monday in the library. Light breakfast will be served starting from 7:30 a.m. and also inviting everyone to bring a small dish for our potluck lunch. Agenda attached and looking forward to a very productive day.
(See attached file: Collaboration Agenda – Oct. 30th.docx)

Hawaii Qualified Teachers: Administration is looking to finish meeting with all of the identified teachers about their qualifications due to the ESSA federal changes. While administration doesn’t see this as a huge problem, want to meet with every teacher. Encouraging identified teachers to also contact administration to schedule time to meet if they have not yet met with administration.

Tripod Surveys: Tripod Surveys will be done online this year during Nov. 13 – 15, 2017 so important to plan accordingly.
Packets with teacher and student log-in information will be delivered approximately a week prior to the survey window.
Teachers have 3 days to complete the survey.
Periods 1 or 2 will be the surveyed. (Registrar has already communicated with those teachers whose periods didn’t workout in terms of class sizes)
(See attached file: Tripod Survey Period List Roster.xlsx)

Renovation Updates:
Science Classrooms We have received notice that the company doing the cabinets for Bldg. B science classrooms experienced production problems where their shipping schedule scheduled for November has slipped to December early with a shipping projection of 3 – 4 weeks. We were also advised that they are looking to maintain the November shipping realizing our school’s challenges. In working with our contractor here on site, they are projecting to get the rooms completed in the first part of January. Currently rooms are being painted as the plumbers/electricians complete they finish work. In terms of Bldg. R & S, work is actually moving nicely as the new plumbing/electrical systems 90% done and floor foundation cemented. The next phase of the finish carpentry, electrical, painting and flooring should begin shortly.
Portables – Heat Abatement: Pleased to see this coming to fruition as the final inspection date is set for Wednesday, Nov. 1st. This means that the major identified items have been addressed and while we may still find some minor fixes, we are looking to close out our heat abatement project shortly.
CTE Classrooms: Project remains on schedule as Shioi construction is currently working on Bldg G. roofing. The waste system was completed/cemented with the final construction phase addressing the walls/fencing yet to be completed. As shared earlier, additional funding was received for D103, which means another of our CTE pathway classes will be upgraded supporting our academy’s vision.

New Construction:
Play Court: Construction to replace our current play court/fencing fronting the locker room areas remains on schedule to begin around March/April 2017. Consideration for our tennis team to be able to complete their season before starting initial construction demolition phase remains a challenge.
Bldg B Exterior:: Project for the repair and maintenance for Bldg. B exterior is to be submitted for bid shortly and construction is projected to start in the Summer of 2018. The work includes carpentry repairs of the windows, doors, roof beams and fascia. Planning to have the classroom repairs for the windows and doors limited to the summer break, with the intent that the contractor turns over the classroom spaces back to the school for use in August. The balance of the repair work (exterior roof beams, roof fascia, windows & doors for the restrooms, storage rooms) will extend beyond the summer break by a month or longer to be done only during after school hours.
New Gym: Legislative funding provides our school the green light for the initial planning phase. This entails looking at possible building site, infrastructure (parking, access, sewer, relocation of buildings, etc.), along with the other planning checklist items. Upon final recommendations, we’ll move to the design and funding phase.

Mon, October 30th:
Collaboration Day – No Students 8:00 a.m. Library

Wed, November 1st:
Principal @Heat Abatement – Final Inspection
Thurs, November 2nd:
Principal @Statewide Computer Science Work Group – OCISS Oahu

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