February 22, 2018

Graduation 2017


I take this opportunity sharing my appreciation to our students, SAC Harriet Watanabe, teachers and parents for a wonderful homecoming event.  Seeing first hand the many students giving of their time and staying late to decorate our gym and community  speaks volumes to the WARRIOR PRIDE.  Seeing teachers, support staff, and parents willing to donate their time in supporting our students is indicative as to how special our school has evolved.    Want to also acknowledge teacher Liz Steiner and her science students who volunteered to help monitor/count (in the rain) shearwaters during our homecoming game.  What a wonderful example of students/teacher giving back/caring for our island community.   Mahalo to everyone in making our school such a special place as it’s a pleasure/honor to be a part of this ohana!

Intercession Student Support:
Tutoring support will be provided during the Fall break (3 days Oct. 9th -11th ) for students who have been discussed per student support, needing to complete make-up work, and/or improve their grades.  Teachers need to provide work for those students and VP Tommy Cox is coordinating with interested teachers to help tutor during the break.

Student Support Meetings:
Thank you as everyone’s collective efforts is making that positive impact.  Based on the data and in speaking with students, parents and teachers, evident that student support practices are  such a powerful process in helping our students. 

EES Session:
Next EES session is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 4th.  Topics will cover co-teaching practices, differentiation strategies, etc. More information to be shared shortly.

Collaboration Day:
Our first collaboration day for this school year will be happening on Monday, October 30th.  Thank you to those who have already suggested topics for that day and invite interested teachers to send their request and/or volunteer to present.  More discussions during Wednesday’s EES.

Renovation Updates:
Portables Heat Abatement:  Installation work continues around system testing, wiring, etc.   Carpentry and painting work are also scheduled after major installation work is completed. Projected final inspection remains week of November 6, 2017.  Training session for teachers in late October is still yet to be finalized.
CTE Classrooms:  Culinary classroom officially completed after final inspection.   The IET (Bldg. G) classroom renovation work continues with completion final date for mid-November.  Pleased to also share that additional funds were recently acquired so that our Graphic Design classroom will be back on the renovation list.  Start date still be determined as the Architect, County Engineers/Planning Dept., and DOE Facilities are reviewing construction permits.
Science Classrooms:  Last two classrooms (S 106 & S 107) were recently turned over to the contractor to begin demolition work.  Contractors are doing infrastructure work for all of building R & S classrooms.  Bldg. B remains our first phase priority with a completion date for late December/early January 2018.  Cabinets/counter tops are expected to arrive in later November/early December for installation.  

Visitors On Campus:
Please note the following guests scheduled during month of October:  

  • Friday, Oct. 6th:   Japan’s Vice Counsel Ms. Ayuke Ibe & Yoshiko Matsuoka from Japanese Consulate on campus speaking to Japanese classes
  • Monday, Oct. 23rd:  Carey Tambio, Administrator, School Transformation Branch and Malia Espinda, Government Affairs Specialist, Superintendent’s Office

Mon, October 2nd:

  • Principal @Hawaii High School Athletic Association Exec Board Meeting – Radford High  9:00 a.m.

Tues, October 3rd:

  • Kauai Complex Administrators on campus meeting w/principal per WASC mid-term visitation/report  8:30 a.m.

Wed, October 4th:

  • EES Session @3:00 p.m.

Thurs, October 5th:

  • Principal meeting w/CTE teachers 2:30 p.m.
  • ELL Parent Meeting 5:00 p.m.

Fri, October 6th:

  •  Japan’s Vice Counsel Ms. Ayuke Ibe & Yoshiko Matsuoka from Japanese Consulate on campus

Let us remember:  One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.   Yousafzai

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