February 23, 2018

Graduation 2017


STRIVE HI Performance Report:
Please review attached performance results as it reflects our efforts for SY 2016-17.   The Hawaii Dept. of Education will be sharing this publically on Tuesday, Sept. 19th.   We continue to struggle with the same three areas (Attendance, Math, & Science) and banking that our focused Student Support team work will make that positive difference.  Congratulations as our ELA/Literacy continues to demonstrate positive growth.  
(See attached file: 455_StriveHIKapaaHigh17.pdf)

Research continues to show us that the key to student success is building their knowledge through content rich nonfiction reading , writing, and speaking grounded in evidence from text, both literary and informational and having regular practice with complex text and academic language.  One of the most effective high-leverage pedagogy practices with powerful consequences, is having students immersed an average of 120 minutes of purposeful reading and writing per day.  We all know how absolutely essential writing is for college and post-high school success.  

Early College Funding Support:
Pleased to share that the Harold K. L. Castle Foundation, Hawaii P-20, AT&T, are further supporting Kapaa High’s Early College work in preparing our students for college careers and citizenship.  Administration will be participating in several upcoming meetings/presentations over the coming weeks beginning  Tuesday, Sept. 19th.   Encouraging Academy and CTE teachers to continue their discussions addressing capstone programs, strengthening pathway alignment, and mentorships as early college courses can certainly support these efforts.  

Welcome Teacher Jennifer Hornichova:
Jennifer Hornichova will be joining our faculty effective Monday, September 18th.  Jennifer will be supporting Grade 9 Hui teachers addressing literacy/career awareness and she comes with a wealth of experience per teaching experiences and educational preparation.  

EES Session:
Next EES session is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 20th @3:00 p.m.  Discussions will focus around the STRIVE HI data and school-wide student support focus.  

WASC Accreditation Mid-term Visit:
Reminder that our  accreditation mid term visit is scheduled for Tuesday, November 7th.  Chair Principal Elden Esmeralda and his team continues to review updated information addressing our current academic plan & student support efforts.  Working on scheduling small group meetings with teachers, students and parents.

Visitors On Campus:
At the request from our State DOE Supt’s Office and Honolulu Complex Area Supt,  Kapaa High will be hosting several administrators as they learn about our school-wide system practices, visit classrooms, and speak with students, teachers, & community members.

  • Friday, Sept. 29th:   Principal Mitch Otani, Kalani High School and Principal Justin Mew, Kaiser High School
  • Monday, Oct. 23rd:  Carey Tambio, Administrator, School Transformation Branch and Malia EspindaGovernment Affairs Specialist, Superintendent’s Office

Mon, September 18th:

  • Principal @Hawaii Academies Consortium Meeting – Pearl City High School

Tues, September 19th:

  • Principal @Harold K. L. Castle Foundation – Oahu

Wed, September 20th:

  • EES Session – 3:00 p.m.
  • Kapaa High Foundation Mtg – Student Center 6:00 p.m.

Thurs, September 21st:

  • Principal meeting CTE teachers – D 201 @2:30 p.m.

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