February 22, 2018

Graduation 2017


Graduation – CLASS of 2017:
Congratulations on a successful graduation ceremony!   Special thanks to the many individuals who helped with the planning, practices, decorations, official ceremony and with Project Grad.  It truly does take a village.  Sharing data that reflects the Class of 2017 per their senior surveys and other provided data.

  • Class of 2017 reflects the 3rd cohort of students who have gone through 4 years of the Hui/Academy Design;                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • 100% (231 students) graduated on time. While a few had to really work to the very end, great to see that these young men & women were able to accomplish this milestone together.                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Nearly 80% reported that they plan to further their education either at a technical, 2 year or 4 year learning institution.  Nearly  2 million dollars in scholarships have been awarded as of last week and expect to grow as not all of the awards have been reported;  Very touching to learn that 29% of the graduates will be the first in their family to attend college.   Nearly 40% earned college credits through the Early College, Jump Start, and Running Start classes.    
  • 14% plan to go directly into the workforce;
  • 6% are planning or have enlisted in the military.

Great validation of everyone’s good work!   Take that time to reflect and appreciate the fruits of your labor!                                                        
Staying Focused: 
Great to know that each of the Hui and Academy teams will be doing  integrated learning activities this week.  Thank you for continuing to make this last week reflect quality learning time, balanced with fun..  Let’s continue to hold students and ourselves accountable.  Students must minimize use of phones, eating, and walking out of the classrooms.  We have a culture of excellence and it’s vital that together we are consistent in that accountability of purpose.

Final Mark Posting on Infinite Campus:
Per Registrar Todd Barcial, the window for final posting of marks is now open in Infinite Campus.   Marks will be due Tuesday, May 30th at 3:00 p.m.  Verification of marks will be printed at that time, once you have verified your marks  Todd will sign your check out folder.  Be sure to turn in your printed grade book/attendance or hard cover attendance book/grade book to the front office.   Review instructions for posting your marks, exporting grades and attendance in the attached doc.  Reminder that administration will intervene for  any student who receives a failing grade with no student support documentation.  
(See attached file: Quarter 4 Semester 2 Grades Memo SY 2016-2017.docx)

Renovation Updates:
Science Classrooms:
The permits have been approved, and we’re working on the commencement documents for notice to proceed.  Preliminary work such as preparing the safety barriers, etc. will begin shortly and will not interfere with classroom instruction.      
CTE Classrooms:
Bldg. G renovation has already begun.   Safety barriers are in place and ask that everyone be extra careful around that area.  Other CTE classroom work will begin shortly addressing safety barriers.      
Building D Reroofing:
All teachers in Bldg D (especially 2nd floor) are reminded to be sure that all equipment, learning materials, technology, etc. are stored away just in case the re-roofing renovations calls for workers to be in your classroom for any unexpected work.  At this time, administration doesn’t see this to be likely but good to be safe.  
Portable Classroom Heat Abatement Projects:
Portable classrooms needs to be cleaned and all learning materials, technology, etc. packed away so there’s no problem when contractors need to enter into the rooms.  Reminder that as Kapaa High isn’t really identified as one of the priority schools, we are fortunate to have this opportunity to begin the photovoltaic air conditioning heat abatement work at our school.  Administration has a tentative meeting scheduled with the contractors this week to finalize plans.

Mon, May 22nd:

  • Principal @Business Partnership (C2C) meeting – Marriott  @11:00 a.m.

Tues, May 23rd:

  • Principal mtg with Contractors (renovations)  @9:00 a.m.

Wed, May 24th:

  • EES Session – Chorus Room @3:00 p.m.

Fri, May 26th:

  • Last Day for Students

AUTHENTIC LITERACY:  Adolescents entering the adult world in the 21st century will need to read and write more than at any other time in human history.  They will need advanced levels of literacy to perform their jobs, run their households, act as citizens, and conduct their personal lives.   Richard Vacca

Kapaa High School cares for and supports “ALL” students to be prepared for college, career, and citizenship in the 21st century.

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